What Does it Take to Write a Great Nonfiction Book?

To write a great book it takes the same three elements it took Remy the rat to cook a great meal: a guide, time, and effort.

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Anyone can cook. And anyone can write with good guidance and time to write.

I love the movie Ratatouille (rat a TOO ee)—a story about a rat that dreams of becoming a world-class chef. The only problem is that Remy is a rat, and rats and kitchens usually aren’t a desirable combination. But Remy is inspired by the famous French chef Auguste Gusteau whose motto is “Anyone can cook.” The movie is about Remy’s journey to show patrons of Gusteau’s French restaurant and a very critical food critic that anyone can cook—even a rat.

I believe the same can be said about writing: Anyone can write. You can write. Whatever odds you are facing (thankfully you’re not a rat), I want to encourage you that you have what it takes to write a book. A great book!

I think there are three tragedies in communication:

  • Someone who makes a lot of noise but has nothing to say
  • Someone who has something to say but says it poorly
  • Someone who has something to say but doesn’t say it

I think the last one is the most tragic. I can turn off what I don’t want to listen to. But it’s much harder to turn on what someone is keeping on the inside. Within a person who has something to say reside words of great wisdom, stability, power, and influence—often unknown to that person but still just as real. I personally am jealous to hear from a person like this.

This is why I wrote Anyone Can Write: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Write and Publish a Great Book, which is my effort to draw out what you have on the inside for others to experience. If you have something to say, this have-open-by-your-side book will take you step-by-step through the process to prepare, write, and share your message or story with others in book form. When you’ve finished my book, your book will be completed too.

If you have had a dream or goal to write a book, sign up here to receive my blog posts and be notified when the book is released. The retail price of the book will be $24.97, but you will be able to download the book for free on the first day of release. Let’s get that book written!

Question: How long have you been thinking about writing a book? What has hindered you from writing it? Leave your comment below.


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