Who Does God Want to Bless? by Dick Hochreiter

Super to Natural Front Cover OnlyThe article below is adapted from the book How to Bring God’s Super to Your Natural by Dick Hochreiter. I had the privilege to work with Dick to write four smaller booklets and then later compile them into this book, which Dick has shared around the world. He is a businessman and former Marine who loves to bless people and help them experience God’s presence.


Do you believe God wants to bless everyone? I find that most people believe that God only wants to bless some people, like those who go to church, who obey His commands, or do good things.

A few years ago I was a few seats away from a woman on an airplane who was visibly sick. I felt God wanted me to pray for her. I said to the woman sitting next to her, “I’m a minister and I’d love to pray for that woman if she wants me to. Could you ask her?” She asked and the lady said, “Yes, of course. Please!” She had a serious migraine that wasn’t going away. I switched seats so I could sit next to the lady with the migraine, anointed her with oil, and prayed for her.

A woman sitting on the other side of the woman I was praying for said to me, “Do you do this often?”

I replied, “Just when the Lord shows me that people need help. I like to help them.”

She asked me if I was a minister. “Well,” I responded, “Not like you would understand. I minister in marketplace businesses around the world.”

She then inquired what I do when I go into businesses. I told her we pray and bless. “These are all believers, right?” she asked.

“No, not necessarily. We just go wherever God leads us. We minister to believers or unbelievers. That doesn’t matter to us.”

This woman’s attitude changed immediately. She said, “You can’t just bless people.” Without using the exact words, she basically went on to explain, “God doesn’t want to bless everyone, only certain people.”

I must admit that what she was communicating fired me up and I said as gently as I could, “If God didn’t want to bless everyone, Jesus would have jumped off the cross and kicked the tails of those who were crucifying Him. But He chose to say, ‘Father forgive them.’ And He wasn’t forgiving just a select few.”

Then the woman I had prayed for opened her eyes and said, “I feel much better now. Thank God you prayed for me.”

There is a religious spirit out there that says God doesn’t want to bless everyone. If you’ve believed this, you’ve bought into a lie. This lie will destroy not only the blessings in your own life, but will also keep you from blessing those God wants you to bless. I find that many professing Christians don’t believe Jesus died to break the curse off everyone. But this blessing and every other blessing is for the whole world, not just for certain folks.

That’s why the Holy Spirit spoke to me to pray for this woman. When I responded to His heart, she was freed from her migraine.

The Bible is clear that God wants all to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (see 1 Timothy 2:4). God loves people and doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the good things He has planned.

Blessing others and inviting God into any situation brings positive change to our surroundings. When communism fell in Albania in the early 1990s, we were some of the first people to go into Albania to share the love of God. During our stay, our guide and translator said, “I know a woman who runs a factory. Could we go see her?”

We talked to the woman in charge and told her that we’d like to bless and encourage the workers. She was adamant that she didn’t want us to do that. We asked, “Can we pray a blessing for you?” She agreed. While we were praying, she seemed to go to sleep standing up for about five minutes. The translator asked her, “Are you OK? Where have you been?” She opened her eyes and said, “I was with God,” and then gave us the OK to pray for the workers and bless them.

We spent the next four days in that factory praying for five floors containing 800 workers. The woman even gave us a room to use and we were able to see many people in that factory encounter God.

In over twenty subsequent trips, we ministered to hundreds of business people in Albania. We saw God open many doors and perform miracle to advance His kingdom in the marketplace. It all started when one woman felt the blessing of God and experienced His presence.

No matter where you are today, be a blessing. Be a blessing to everyone—not just those who are a blessing to you—and see what happens.

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About the author

Dick Hochreiter went from terrorizing a town to winning nations. He was born to two alcoholic parents in a small town in southern Minnesota. He started drinking at age six and, at eleven, became the youngest child in the Red Wing Reformatory. After dropping out of school during his senior year—barely able to read or write and without much of a future—he joined the Marine Corps and was sent to Vietnam. Upon returning to the United States, he met Carol, who led him to the Lord and became his wife. Eight years later he moved to California with his family to buy a business that made motorcycle race wear. God began to direct Dick to pray for the nations, specifically the ones that had not heard the gospel. He watched as God took him from failure and over $400,000 in debt to millions of dollars in profit. Since then, Dick’s passion and purpose has been to do anything he can, under God’s direction, to take the gospel to the lost, which includes traveling to more than thirty countries to share God’s message of hope and salvation.

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