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Helpful Resource for Writers and Authors – A Top Blog for Writers

In the spirit of collaboration, sharing, and not having to reinvent the wheel, I’d like to share with you a helpful resource for authors and writers: hosted by Joanna Penn. This site has been voted one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers for the past three years.

While you could spend days pouring over the 700+ articles and over 75 hours of audio information available on this site, I recommend taking just a few minutes to check out these Resources for Writers and Authors.

On this page, Joanna answers three questions, providing additional resources if you want to learn more:

  • How to write/edit your book
  • How to publish your book
  • How to sell more books

While I have my approach to writing as found in Write Your Book: Your Guide to Write and Publish a Great Nonfiction Book, I gain so much learning how others approach this art. I encourage you to do the same.

Question: What websites have you found helpful as an author or writer? Leave your comment below.

You Can Be Happy Again – by Nancy James

3dHave you experienced a loss of a child or know someone who has? I recently had the privilege of working with Nancy James, author of the beautiful book Mourning to Morning: 90 Days of Healing after the Death of a Child. Published last week on Valentine’s Day, Mourning to Morning is a 90-day devotional filled with personal stories and practical “prescriptions for healing” that will help you or someone you love process pain, grief, and anger, and come into wholeness after tragedy. Below is Day 2 from the book. As of the publishing of this post, the book is $2 off the normal price here.

— — — — — — — — — — —

Feeling Happy Again

Have you had this experience? You awake from a nice sleep, lying in bed, without a care in the world. Suddenly, the reality of your situation hits you! You remember that there is a big hole in your life—your child is not with you. Slowly, the pain seeps back into your heart. But for three seconds, you enjoyed happiness as you once knew it.

Those three seconds are your hope for the future! You won’t always feel the awful dread and pain that you feel now. You will feel happy again. I remember attending a welcome home party for a friend who had been a relief worker in Africa. She contracted malaria and came close to death but miraculously recovered. Three weeks after her recovery, her husband contracted the same disease and died! It was a big shock to everyone.

Several years had passed, she had remarried, and she came to the USA to celebrate. During the party, I couldn’t get over how her joy was overflowing with radiance and laughter. I felt like I was dying in the desert after the death of my son, and she had the water that I longed so desperately to enjoy. As I was walking out to the car, my heart was bleeding. I cried out to God, “Am I ever going to be happy like her? Please, I want to be happy again; I hate being sad.” When I called out to God in my desperation, I felt like a hand compressed the gaping hole in my heart.

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Life Is Short—Share It Now

Dad 3Sunday morning, February 2, 2014, my dad passed away…unexpectedly and much too early. He was planning to outlive us all, and I’m sure he more than anyone was surprised to wake up to Jesus early Sunday morning instead of in his own bed.

So this week has been filled with funeral preparations, and also remembering and honoring a great man: my father (click on the link for a tribute and his obituary).

In my twenties it seemed like I was going to tons of weddings. In my late forties, it seems like I’m attending many more funerals. I like weddings better. But from each funeral I walk away with a truth or quality from that person’s life that enriches and guides my life to a better place.

That’s what a good nonfiction book does—it enriches and guides lives to a better place.

My dad talked about writing a book. A few of them. But he didn’t get to it.

So in this post, I simply want to say—If you want to write a book and you’re ready to write a book, start now and complete it this year.

If you need a little coaxing, take two minutes to read this.

Then complete these five questions by this weekend. Invest less than ten minutes and you’ll be one step further to a book published that shares the message God has given to you.

Your life—your expertise, experience, and message—matters. Share it with others.

Do you want some accountability to get started on your book? Complete the five questions. Then leave a comment below saying that you completed the five questions and we’ll celebrate with you!