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Theory of the Eldest – By John Providence

Fool's Costume 3DLast year I had the privilege to work on The Fool’s Costume: A Strange ConfessionFilled with both tragic and extraordinarily supernatural events, this true story reads more like a novel than a biography. This book clearly demonstrates the power of God to turn evils into good, and I was greatly impressed at the author’s ability to tell his story. John’s book is available on his website for free. Below are excerpts from chapter two.

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In one of my first memories, Davey and I were gleefully jumping on the bed in our room when we collided in midair and knocked heads. Davey wailed in agony. The instant the sound escaped his lips, Mother flew into the room in full-on crisis mode and threw herself down beside her youngest child, hysterically inquiring what happened. Davey, about two, mustered between sobs, “Johnny hit my head.” At that, Mother grabbed a fistful of my hair and slapped me across the face while throttling me about. When her furry subsided, I tried to tell her about the accident. “Don’t lie to me! You hurt Davey on purpose because you hate him!” And the fury commenced.

Mother stalked me. Often while playing alone with Davey, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Looking about, I would see some part of Mom’s body sticking out from her hiding place, notice the shadows cast by her feet under the door, or hear the floor creak as she crept closer. Her presence made me feel terribly awkward, and I did not know what to do. I knew why she was there—to catch me hurting Davey. But I did not want to hurt him like she believed. Then I got a grand idea. While Mother was spying, I would play extra nice with Davey to show her how much I really loved him!

“AH, HA!” Mother yelled as she leapt into the open. “You sneaky little cheat. You knew I was there the whole time and tried to put me on with your act. Well, you’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on me, Buster!” The next time she snuck up on me I said hello to avoid looking the deceiver. “So you think you’re pretty clever now, don’t you? You better enjoy this victory while it lasts. You may’ve won this time, but I’m in it for the long haul. We’ll see who’ll have the last laugh!”

Why did Mother treat me so? “You are the eldest, the firstborn child, just like your Grandma Pearl and Uncle Teddy were. As the eldest, you were born with the same character flaws as them. You have the Type-A personality and choleric temperament that every firstborn automatically does. Only I know who you really are, and it is my God-given duty as your parent to correct the personality flaws that come along with being the firstborn.

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The Best Perspective to Appeal to Your Reader

Since 1995, the book The 5 Love Languages has successfully driven home the point that you must speak the language of the person you’re trying to reach, or you’re probably not communicating successfully.

Translate, or lose your audience

Translate, or lose your audience.

Writers confront the same issue. If you don’t translate what you want to say into the language of your listeners, you may not be reaching them. Now I’m not talking about adults trying to speak teenager (that usually doesn’t work) or feeling you need to swear in order to make your dialogue more realistic for the world.

I’m not suggesting you change your voice; however, I do recommend you change your perspective and write from the perspective of your readers so you can use your voice to address the felt need of your audience. [Read more…]