Quick tip: Two words not to use when you write

There are two words that I don’t ever hear people using in conversation, lecture, preaching, or teaching, but writers sure like to use them when they’re trying to explain something or make a point.

You see, people like to use the phrase you see and I’m not sure why. I was reading a classic best-seller last night and found the phrase twice in two paragraphs.

You see, to me the phrase is kind of patronizing and has an arrogant vibe, like the writer knows something that the reader doesn’t so the writer needs to explain it clearly. While this may be true, I feel it’s an unnecessary filler. Go back and take out the two occurrences that I used in this post. I don’t feel they add anything positive, and possibly add something negative, so it’s best not to use these words at all.  You see?

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