bio pic narrowHi, I’m David Sluka. My goal and the purpose of this website is to help you be a better communicator and leader, and be able to multiply yourself through preparing, writing, and sharing your expertise and experience effectively with others.

Since 1995 I’ve had the privilege to work with outstanding leaders in the U.S. and abroad, serving their efforts, helping their voices be heard, and maximizing their strengths professionally and personally.

What I Do
I do two main things:

  • I invest most of my time as the editorial director for BroadStreet Publishing (see my work history below for more).
  • I coach people who want to be authors but may not be writers—or are writers but are looking for some help and encouragement along the way. I do this through this blog, my bookworkshops, as a conference speaker, and one-on-one coaching (usually over the phone or Skype). Contact me for more information about individualized coaching.

Who I Work With
The authors I mostly work with are leaders who have a strong message with a platform and audience, but have not yet taken the time to write down in book form what has so strongly encouraged others over the years. Or they have published one or more books but want to get other messages out through the benefits of self-publishing. If you fall into this category, I’m excited to be with you on your journey. You are one of those I would gladly take out to lunch, ask questions and enjoy listening and learning. (Your food will get cold though while you talk and I listen. Sorry about that.) But usually throughout the process of publishing your book we become friends, I become a valued member of your virtual team, and we do many cool projects together.

Some of the leader-authors I’ve had the privilege to work with include: James GollEd SilvosoPatricia KingJoan HunterJoshua MillsChris DuPréBrent LokkerCindy McGillBob BotsfordDuncan RobinsonAudrey MeisnerKaye BeyerAlice PattersonEric T. SmithSean FeuchtAndy ByrdRick PinoJake Hamilton, others and hopefully you!

I also love working with people who have a clear message and a fire to share it. No matter who you are or your writing experience, you can write a book that will inform and inspire others.

Post Frequency
I typically blog at least once a week on Tuesdays on three main topics: communication, publishing, and leadership. At least twice a month I also share inspirational content from an author I have worked with in the past or am working with presently, or provide an interview giving a behind-the-scenes look at his or her life as a communicator and leader.

I’ve also started a segment called “How I Write,” sharing insights on how different authors approach writing. From time to time I or the authors I work with also give me free books to give away to my subscribers. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

Find the solutions you need during the day by just falling asleep at night.

Do You Remember Your Dreams?
I few years ago I helped to author What Your Dreams Are Telling You: Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep written with Cindy McGill. The book shows you how you can find the solutions you need during the day by just falling asleep at night.

Take a peak inside the book here (click on the book cover to “Look Inside” and you can read the amazing story of Julie Gilbert Newrai whose dream launched a business that increased revenue $4.4 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a b). Once you read the book, we’d really appreciate your feedback and honest review at your favorite online bookstore. You can also leave comments or questions here on Cindy’s website.

Work History
I have been involved in writing since 1991 serving as an English teacher, editor, training project manager, and curriculum developer for learning and development. Since 1999, I have worked with communicators, writers, and organizations to create books, study guides, training materials, devotionals, newsletters, brochures, and website content.

Before 1999 for eight years, I was a high school English teacher, but also taught other classes like speech, creative writing, and math; and I coached three sports throughout the year after school. One of those years I was an exchange teacher in Moscow, Russia—the year Boris Yeltsin bombed his own white house.

After starting a family and struggling to support my family on a teacher’s salary, I had the crazy idea that working for a nonprofit missions organization would raise my income. It miraculously did, but I think it was one of those tricks that God plays on us to get us where He wants us.

For four years I had the privilege to work with Ed Silvoso and his team at Harvest Evangelism. During that time I wrote the study guides that are now included in Ed’s books Anointed for Business and Women: God’s Secret Weapon. I also helped to publish The Elk River Story and other projects.

I then went to work at the corporate offices of Best Buy Company. Working in Private Label Solutions and Retail Training refined my writing and speaking skills, as well as showed me how to look from the customer’s point of view. Just shy of my fifth anniversary, I took a buyout to start Hit the Mark. My goal was to grow a business using all that I had learned in communications, leadership, training, and publishing, and be able to work from anywhere in the world.

At this time I also began to work with small to mid-sized manufacturing companies in partnership with VisionOne High Performance Group focusing on leadership training and employee development, customized performance review and talent management systems, executive hiring and onboarding, high performance group facilitation, and organizational transformation through building trust into the life and culture of a company.

Four years after starting my business we sold our home to take a year abroad as a family, experience a few other cultures and languages, and serve where God has us. With lived in Tanzania for two months and Paraguay for eleven, where I continued to work with leaders and authors through the wonders of the Internet.

Upon returning to the U.S., I reconnected with a childhood friend—Carlton Garborg—who had recently started his third publishing company: BroadStreet Publishing and imprint Belle City Gifts. I am now the editorial director for BroadStreet Publishing, and have had the privilege to work with some great people including Duck Dynasty’s Mountain Man, Mickey Robinson, former gang leader John Turnipseed, Dan & Linda Wilson, David Housholder, Ken Mansfield and Marshall Terrill, Shari Rigby, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Laura Harris Smith, Erin and Jill Kelly, Chris DuPré, Mark DuPré, Kim Boyce Koreiba, and Brian Simmons of The Passion Translation.

I also partner with Believers Press and the Christian Writers Guild as a conference speaker and author coach.

Each of these “careers” has marked my life significantly. I’m grateful for the thousands of people whose lives have crossed mine and have made me think and live better.

Go figure the last name Sluka would be popular. I’m not this David Sluka even though I’m a musician. There’s also a Café Sluka if you happen to be Vienna, Austria, and want to enjoy some amazing pastries.

I have been married to Christina since 1996 and we have four children and a very, very small but cute dog. For most of 2013 I lived in Tanzania and Paraguay, taking a year to experience other cultures and grow as a family. I now reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Free Time
I enjoy watching good movies with my family, playing sports like soccer, basketball, and disc golf. My favorite sport is giving my wife and kids a hard time. I also like imagining book titles that attract attention, make a great point, and would be best sellers, but they’re usually a bit too edgy so I’d have to write them under a pseudonym.

Mistakes You May Find
If you find a legitimate mistake on my website because you have a proofreading eye, feel free to let me know and I’ll gladly change it. For the blog, my goal is to make content available as quickly as possible, not make it perfect. So sometimes mistakes sneak through.

The authors I work with probably do not support all that I say and do and I may not support all they say or do. Our beliefs may be different and I’m OK with that. But I do believe in them personally and feel their voice should be heard. I work hard to help authors say what they want to say in their own voice with the message they’ve been given because this is what truly makes their contribution unique in the world of ideas.

Disclosure of Material Connection
Some of the advertisements in the right column of my website contain “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Currently none of my blog posts contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

My Contact Information
You can e-mail me here or connect via Twitter or Facebook.

My website is built on WordPress (self-hosted). I use the Metro Theme for the Genesis Framework. The body text font is Georgia and the header font is Proxima Nova. My wife took my picture outside our front door where we lived in Paraguay. Steve Fryer created my Hit the Mark logo. Dan Peters set up my website and the technology that makes all the features of this website work. Yvonne Parks designed the cover of my book Write Your Book and also the cover for What Your Dreams Are Telling You.