I have had the honor of knowing, walking and working with David Sluka since 1994. He is a man of utmost integrity, productive in his work ethic, and skilled in multiple areas. Over the years, David has worked with me on shaping content for chapters for some of my books, editing and writing, editing and formatting my many study guides, consulting on many projects, and helping me with communications on many levels of ministry development and staff relationships. He is one of those men that are a rare find and precious to have as a friend and co-worker. He is innovative and yet a stabilizing person to have as a part of a team.

James W. Goll, Encounters Network • Prayer Storm,

When I first met David, I gave him a number of my teaching CDs and asked him to turn them into books—going through the process of transcription, building out content, editing, typesetting, cover design, and printing. He’s also helping me to re-release some of my parents’ (Charles and Frances Hunter) books. David is a respected part of my team who is helping me share what God has entrusted to me through books.

Joan Hunter, Joan Hunter Ministries,

I have been working with David since 2009. His services have included copyediting, ghostwriting, proofreading, internal design and typesetting. He’s worked with authors such as Patricia King, Joshua Mills, Randy DeMain, and Duncan Robinson. David is someone I completely trust with a project from beginning to end. He has also provided valuable feedback on cover design and other components of the publishing process. He has become a trusted colleague, consultant, and friend.

Carol Martinez, Director, XP Publishing,

David helped steer the vision for my book. He focused my writing into an effective format to best reach my intended audience and turned my work into a professional, quality manuscript. My friends are all impressed with the final product. David also encouraged me throughout the process as he really believed in the value of the project. Writing is difficult and personal—David knows this and offers the perfect measure of advice and assistance.

Steve Ciccarelli, Electrical Engineer, Inventor, and Author of How Did God Do It?

David is not only an incredible writer, editor and communicator, but also walks in honesty and integrity. I was reaching so many points of frustration in trying to write my book, and David’s focus, insight, and ability to see what I needed to communicate was on the mark. We were able to complete the book and self-publish. He also created a simple website for the book, helped with the ISBN number, placed the paperback for sale on, and also made it available in ebook format for any ereader. We have seen it reach the intended audiences and beyond. We also submitted a proposal to a major publisher for a larger distribution and it was accepted. What Your Dreams Are Telling You: Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep is set for a September 2013 release! I am very grateful to meet David and continue to send my friends to him for their writing, editing, and publishing needs.

Cindy McGill,

Hit the Mark has truly hit the mark for me! I chose to self-publish without any knowledge of how to and now I feel like an expert! David walked me through the process step by step making what seemed to be complicated quite simple. I didn’t know it would be so easy. One thing I can say about this company is TRUSTWORTHY! I didn’t have a clue and yet I was so well taken care of I felt completely safe. Many people have asked me to tell them how I published so quick and easy and I just give the the website, because that is truly how I did it. Hit the Mark did the rest! To be honest I wasn’t sure how professional the end product would be, but I can tell you my book is one of the sharpest on the shelf. If you want to invest little money and little time and get a great return on both, Hit the Mark is the company for you. I was presently surprised.

Eric Smith, Author of The Science of a Woman–The Art of

I cannot more highly recommend David Sluka in all of the work that he did to make Culture of Revival an amazing book. His excellence as a writer, editor, and overall creator of this book has sold me on self-publishing. His ability to take content from eight different authors and weave them together to create a succinct and clear trumpet blast was amazing!

Andy Byrd,

David was incredibly brilliant to work with in weaving together Culture of Revival—a phenomenal compilation book from eight different authors with very different writing styles and tones. He is graced with patience, a servant heart, optimistic perspective, and incredible skill to find a solution to every challenge we faced along the way and make it all come together! I highly recommend him and the anointing on his life!

Sean Feucht,