What is your dream?

I once had a dream in which a person was on stage trying to speak to an audience, but the wireless microphone had no battery and the speaker could not be heard. In the dream I went to the sound booth, got some batteries, walked to the platform, put the batteries in the microphone, and handed the microphone back to the speaker so the audience could clearly hear what the speaker was saying.

This dream perfectly describes my ultimate purpose: to help your voice be heard. Practically speaking, that means working with you to take your message from wherever it is to its fullest expression. My desire is to help you “hit the mark” with the message God has given to you so that your voice is heard in the best possible way.

One great step you can take toward writing your book is to participate in a writing workshop. Click here for more information. I do provide workshops across the U.S. and internationally. If you would like to discuss having a workshop at your location, please contact me.

Writing Services

All services fall into three main categories: PrepareWrite, and Share.


I didn’t buy into the idea of an outline when I was an English teacher. I found it possible to write a decent paper without one. All the prep I was supposed to do with my students just seemed like busy work. Why not just get writing and get done sooner! However, I have since changed my mind. You might be able to write a paper or a chapter without an outline, but you will miss the mark in a big way with your readers if you choose to write an entire book without a clear, focused, organized structure in place before you write your first sentence. After charging a few clients thousands of dollars to rewrite their manuscripts, I began to offer the “prepare” side of my services.


While I work primarily as the editorial director for BroadStreet Publishing, I provide author coaching services to help you write your book. Depending on your needs, my team and I can perform all writing services below to get to a final, print-ready PDF to upload for distribution or send to a printer:

  • Manuscript preparation
  • Level 1: Proofreading
  • Level 2: Light editing
  • Level 3: Substantive editing
  • Level 4: Co-writing and ghostwriting
  • Creating a manuscript from audio messages (transcribe CDs, shape spoken content into written book format)
  • Creating a manuscript by interviewing the author
  • Designing and typesetting the interior into a print-ready PDF
  • Facilitating cover content and design

Whatever services you need, I also highly recommend the publishing packages or a la carte services of Believers Press. They are partners and friends and are able to provide whatever services you need before, during, and after writing your book.


Self-publishing has allowed anyone to share their message with the world. However, when people think of publishing, they usually picture their book on a shelf for sale at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and airport kiosks. Many of my clients already have developed an audience and platform to share their book, so I or a company like Believers Press help them set up their own ISBNs, coordinate printing, and make it available on or other online stores. Others want to know how to get their book into bookstores.

Whatever you need, I’m happy to answer your questions and help you pursue your goals. Below are options that are available.

  • ISBNs and bar codes for self-publishing
  • Printing for any quantity amount, including print-on-demand
  • Storage and fulfillment
  • Facilitating ebook conversion and uploading to ebookstores
  • Assistance to publish on,, Kindle Direct Publishing, or other similar platforms
  • Writing book proposals to present to traditional publishers (my Book Writing Workshop helps you to complete over one-third of the book proposal content)
  • Creating a website or blog to promote and sell your book


Believers Press has the costs of their publishing and promoting packages, and also their a la carte services, listed clearly on their website. I mostly recommend Believers Press to authors who want to self-publish.

My book Write Your Book: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Write and Publish a Great Nonfiction Book shows how you can publish your book for $0 on your own, go with a traditional publisher, or publish it yourself with some skilled assistance.

It’s true that you get what you pay for. People do judge a book by its cover, so it’s worth the money to invest in your message, how it’s said, and how it is presented both inside and out.

Contact me if you’d like to talk about these or any of my services.