What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Why Waste One-Third of Your Life Only Sleeping?

Find solutions you need during the day by just falling asleep at night.

Find solutions you need during the day by just falling asleep at night.

Have you ever wanted to receive wise advice about a business proposal, a relationship or a direction in life? Tonight you will have several dreams. Did you know they could contain the very advice you need?

It’s true.

Join dream interpreter Cindy McGill with David Sluka as they show you that sleep is so much more than just a time to rest your body. If you pay attention, you can uncover a secret weapon for success–and the keys to unlocking your full potential.

Not only is it possible to remember your dreams, but when properly interpreted, they bring guidance, hope and strength to achieve what may seem impossible. Receive the tools for discovering and decoding these hidden messages, including

  • how to get the most out of your dreams
  • historical and present-day examples of life-changing dreams
  • common dream themes and what they mean
  • 3 steps to discover the genuine message from your dreams
  • a quick-reference guide to common dream symbols
  • how to reawaken your dream life

Solutions to your problems can come on any given night. It’s time to listen to what your dreams are telling you.

Look inside the book here (click on the book cover to “Look Inside” and you can read the amazing story of Julie Gilbert Newrai whose dream launched a business that increased revenue $4.4 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a b).

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Lastly, a dream interpretation journal iPad app based on the book will also coming out in 2014.

Tonight you’ll have about four dreams. What are they telling you, and what are you going to do about it?

“If you read with an open heart, I trust this book will broaden your understanding of this amazing source of insight and provide answers for your life’s journey. My ultimate goal is to deliver encouragement and hope so that you can live out your life with purpose and strength.”—Cindy McGill

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