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Start your book today.

Start your book today.

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If God has given you a voice and a message to share, invest time this year to write your book. It’s easier than you think with good help. This workshop weaves inspiration with helpful instruction and structured time to write. Published authors and professional editors are on hand to direct and coach you one-on-one every step of the way.

Leaders who speak regularly and want to learn how to multiple their impact through books will especially benefit from this workshop. Not sure of the benefits of writing a book? Read “Don’t Add. Multiply. Ten Benefits of Writing a Book.”

Every paid workshop participant receives a copy of David Sluka’s  book Write Your Book: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Write and Publish a Great Nonfiction Book.

Participants leave with an organized, focused strategy and structure for their book with corresponding content that includes:*

  • A marketable book title and subtitle
  • Engaging chapter titles
  • A captivating sound bite summary for each chapter
  • Main points that summarize the content for each chapter (these also serve as headers to divide your content into bite-sized sections)
  • Preface and/or Introduction
  • One chapter

*Note: How much is completed will vary by author.

Other topics that are discussed:

  • The fastest way to write your book
  • Other parts of the book creation process such as cover design, interior design and typesetting
  • Book production (ebooks, print on demand, short and long-run printing)
  • Distribution, marketing, and publicity
  • Book proposals (this workshop helps you to complete most of your book proposal content)
  • Next steps to self-publishing your book or finding a traditional publisher
  • Answers to your questions
This was a very valuable workshop. It was a day well spent and worthy of both the time and money investment. If a person has any thoughts of writing a book now or in the future, this workshop will lay a foundation from which to write and also understand the process of publishing. —Dan Kral, President, JDT International
You provide a great service!  It was paced well, informative, adaptable, and engaging.  Although I’ve had years to think about this book, you plunged me through some sticking points and really encouraged me to press on.  I noticed other participants gaining momentum and significant gains in their writing.  Proof is in the pudding and you knocked it out of the park. —Mark Spencer, Senior Pastor, Bridgewood Community Church
David is a respected part of my team who is helping me share what God has entrusted to me through books. —Joan Hunter 

Write your book

Have you wanted to write a book for years? Don’t wait any longer. Multiply yourself and your message.

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