Start your book today.

Start your book today.

Do you have a book in you?

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Others want to learn from your expertise and experience. Maybe only your family and friends will read your book. Maybe it will be a best seller. But in order for anyone to read it, you have to write it.

Filled with encouragement and tips for nonfiction book writers, Write Your Book, will show you how to…

  • Prepare a map that will help your content connect with your audience and say what God has given you to say.
  • Write your book with creativity, organization, and focus—engaging and activating your reader to the desired outcome.
  • Share your content through a royalty-based publisher, do it on your own for $0, or get some help for critical parts of the self-publishing process.

I chose to self-publish without any knowledge of how to and now I feel like an expert! David walked me through the process step by step making what seemed to be complicated quite simple. —Eric Smith at, author of The Science of a Woman and the Art of Manhood

The Write Your Book workshop (which is based on the content in Write Your Book) was very valuable and a day well spent and worthy of both the time and money investment. If a person has any thoughts of writing a book now or in the future, this workshop will lay a foundation from which to write and also understand the process of publishing. —Dan Kral, President, JDT International

If you invest the time, this book will give you the step-by-step guidance you need to prepare, write, and publish your nonfiction book.

Take steps forward in your writing journey. Multiply yourself and your message this year by writing and publishing your book.

It’s time to write your book.

Download a Chapter

Click to download a section from Write Your Book – Chapter 2 – Anyone Can Write. allows you to “Look Inside” the book here.

To order a copy of Write Your Book

  • Receive $3.50 off the 198-page 8×10 paperback workbook by entering code Q6BE8XL5 here.
  • You can order the paperback or Kindle version at here.

Important: If you buy the paperback at, you can also receive the Kindle version for free through Amazon’s Matchbook program.

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